VMware: download diagnostics

The command is: vm-support
This will generate all logs and TAR-GZ them.
To download them from iESX please use the following commands:
ssh -l root 192.168.x.x vm-support -s > vm-support-192.168.x.x.tgz
wget https://root:password@

Make sure SSH service is running, bu going to Advanced settings in VSphere and turning that service on.
The generation process can take up to even 10 minutes so be patient.
This is what HP or Dell will ask you to do if your hypervisor will start pink screening.

Arch and Debian anatomy

I would like to speak more about runlevels. Unlike in Arch Linux in Debian initscripts are located in different place.
In Arch we have /etc/rc.d/[script] In Debian /etc/init.d/[script] and symlinks to these scripts located in /etc/rc[runlevel].d/ directory respectively. Instead of just one file rc.conf in Arch in Debian we have multiple that specify parameters for various initial things located in /etc/defaults.

Email blacklist

If for some reason one of your client’s PC got infected and sends out spam most likely the external IP become blacklisted.
As a temporary measure before you identify, locate and cleanup the affected workstation or laptop you should use authsmtp.com or socketlabs.com so they can still send external emails.

GNU+Linux beginnings?

Reaching far to the past it has began between 2001-2002AD.
First people that influenced me about these operating systems were people from my uni – Kolegium Karkonoskie:
mgr Łukasz Kamiński – Linux, LaTex lecturer, university sysadmin
mgr Wojciech Liber – Linux, cryptography lecturer, university sysadmin
mgr inż. Marcin Szyc – server administration lecturer, university sysadmin Continue reading GNU+Linux beginnings?


No właśnie dlaczego lubuję się w oprogramowaniu Open Source ponad oprogramowaniem niewolnym?
Jedyne co robi wyjątek od reguły oprogramowania closed-source to niektóre oprogramowanie specjalistyczne a przede wszystkim branża rozrywkowa – gry komputerowe. Ale nawet tutaj widać, że tzw. mody okazują się być dużo lepsze od swych oryginałów – zawierają więcej treści i proces tworzenia przynosi dużo lepsze rezultaty.
Tak jak całe oprogramowanie o otwartym kodzie z uwzględnieniem GNU zazwyczaj tworzone jest przez właściwych ludzi we właściwym czasie – z pasją a nie ponieważ idzie Bill i programiści zaczynają coś tam klepać tworząc więcej błędów niż gdziekolwiek.

from native to dns

% h2n -d domain.name -s ns1 -s ns2 \
-n 192.168.0 -n 192.168.1 \
-u email.address.com -v 8

The -d and -n options specify the domain name of your forward-mapping zone and your network numbers. You’ll notice that the names of the zone data files are derived from these options. The -s options list the authoritative name servers for the zones to use in the NS records. The -u (user) is the email address in the SOA record.

RAID: one failed hard drive and a second hard drive failing

One hard drive is already on red
Second hard drive is yet on green but reporting problems
First of all don’t do anything without consideration.
In most of the cases you don’t want to replace the hard drives yet or all the more restart the server.
Make sure you have considered to do live migration of the virtual machines to another healthy host, before the server crashes for good. This will save you lots of time, trouble and mitigate downtime.

whatever you do or fix please test it afterwards, better however do not fix things that work, wait until they break otherwise feel the wrath of dummy users.