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Amazon bait and switch! Logitech M570

List of problems I found with this purchase not just the item itself:
1. link to the item in my order confirmation email (Jan 2019) is pointing out apparently to the same item “Logitech M570” but it’s not!
– the seller is different (at the time it was sold by “Online Saving” but now is pointing to “Logitech Store”
– the product number is different, mine is 810-001807 not advertised 910-001882.
– basically “Logitech M570” does not equal “Logitech M570”
– it says the item is available since 2010 but this is not true since they sell multiple generations of these mice under the same name, clever isn’t?

The story about the item itself.
Bought this mouse Jan 2019. Double click issue started in 2020. Not sure when exactly but it’s over 6 months now. Was not suspecting this pretty new trackball mouse but system settings (OS software updates weekly – things can turn bad here or there) but had no time to investigate which settings can cause that click behaviour because I never touch the mouse settings – always stick to defaults.
Initially it was on/off issue then the issue persisted.
I looked on the web and found that people experience the same problem with this model but then after some digging I found that the mouse that was sold to me has a crappy micro switches which fail pretty quickly.
Make sure to check the product number after receiving the item because they sell old crap hoping people won’t notice.
I think people who sell these mice also sell cars.

This is an easy solution by Rob Shafer:

I just disassembled the top (5 screws… one under the battery positioning sticker and 2 under the center front rubber foot and right side rubber foot) and put one drop of WD40 on each of the micro switches… don’t spray it on the switches obviously. Spray a puddle on the bench and use a small screwdriver or similar to pick up some of the WD40. Place it on the button for the switch then depress the button allow the WD40 to enter the switch. Cycle the switch multiple times to work the WD40 into each switch. A nice solid click will return to the switches and all of the missed clicks or double clicks are gone.

Replace the switches themselves. Guide thanks to Gary Quiring

Or go for an alternative trackball mouse:

Noise cancellation

Applications can be “1-dimensional” or 3-dimensional, depending on the type of zone to protect. Periodic sounds, even complex ones, are easier to cancel than random sounds due to the repetition in the wave form.

Protection of a “1-dimension zone” is easier and requires only one or two microphones and speakers to be effective. Several commercial applications have been successful: noise-cancelling headphones, active mufflers, and the control of noise in air conditioning ducts. The term “1-dimension” refers to a simple pistonic relationship between the noise and the active speaker (mechanical noise reduction) or between the active speaker and the listener (headphones). Continue reading Noise cancellation

Raspbmc Kodi and CEC remote control problems

Consumer Electronics Control (CEC) is an HDMI feature designed to allow the user to command and control up-to 15 CEC-enabled devices, that are connected through HDMI

If you experience problem with your Raspbmc not detected by a TV set and in result your multimedia setup is quite crippled – you cannot control your Pi using the remote control, but you are forced to use e.g. Yatse on your mobile.
These things you have to check:
1. Does your TV support HDMI-CEC?
2. Does your HDMI cable supports CES? Yes of course it supports it since version 1.0, but who knows some cheap crap does not have it? Of course as of today you want the latest HDMI v1.4b
3. Is HDMI-CEC is enable on your TV set?

From Raspbmc point of view it should work without any additional configuration needed.
In my case everything was ticked but for some reason still TV does not detect the Pi device. Of course I do have the display, but no remote control capabilities.
In my case it is Samsung.
From what I have discovered you have to do a proper power cycle of the this TV set to detect CEC capable device – Raspbmc.
You have to completely disconnect it from power for a decent 20 seconds. Pi can stay on and connected via HDMI to the TV.
Once you turn it back on it should detect it. If not please try couple more times or consider other options.
I think from what I see on the Internet it is quite common issue with Samsung and probably you have to repeat this action periodically.