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Advantages of outsourced IT

1. usually outsources IT companies have much better expertise (supporting multiple businesses gives much more experience) comparing to internal IT teams
2. IT engineers are usually neutral to the rest of the company staff, so there is no way that IT is directly involved in any dispute

What is the plan of action?????

My boss is asking me this question, but the main server has already crashed 3 times last week (someone else was on the case) and where was the plan of action at that time?
For me it was just a regular Monday morning where at least 2 servers have to be down.
Moreover I haven’t been at that client for about 6 months now or even more, the lead engineer is in the office next road fiddling with the phone system and I have to come up with the plan of action in the meantime firefighting desktop support cases. Continue reading What is the plan of action?????

VCE and Avanset

I would highly discourage you to go for this software.
There is very few alternatives, but this new Avanset pricing approach is ridiculous.
Read THIS article for more details.

Much better option is to get Android tablet, buy A+ VCE app on it and run tests this way.
The cost is just one off £8.

Cloud backups

For cloud backups we of course use external provider. The problem is that monitoring of this new solution is not easy and clear.
Moreover comparing to Backup Exec that required just one backup job to backup everything (Exchange, data, system state, SQL) in this case we have separate backup jobs so in many cases the number of schedules have drastically increased for some of the clients it is now 20 backup jobs comparing to previous 3.

Why ITIL in the company?

Because ITIL clearly says that employees are not just employees, but they are also service providers and customers in the same time.
To be only a service providers for external customers or clients is half of the story.
In our case we have to take care of the external ones, but internally it is still messy and people less care about each other. Basically there is no ITIL. Continue reading Why ITIL in the company?