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CISA is coming into Force, dark side of the Force

If you missed this important news check this out:

Eric Schmidt (Google) said:
“If you have something that you don’t want anyone to know, maybe you shouldn’t be doing it in the first place.”

“In the world of pattern recognition, we talk about “feature extraction”. That’s the process whereby we measure things, so if we were interested in classifying motor vehicles, one of the features we might extract is “number of axles”. Another might be “number of wheels”, and still another might be “number of doors”.

The idea, of course, is to use those features to figure out what kind of vehicle we’ve got. But not all features are equally useful: if we’re trying to tell the difference between a Mercedes sedan and a Toyota sedan, “number of wheels” won’t help.

So the next step is “feature selection”: what’s actually useful? Which features will enable us to make decisions?

And the step after that is “feature weighting”, because even if we’ve decided that there are 22 features useful for decision-making, they’re almost certainly not all equally useful.

There is no doubt that by now extensive theoretical and experimental analysis has been carried out on the Facebook data corpus and that algorithms have been written which perform this process, at scale, and quickly. Facebook themselves have no doubt done this because processing the data in this fashion yields saleable output, and we all know that Facebook sells everything that it can to anyone with cash in hand. And any government in possession of Facebook’s data has undoubtedly done the same thing — with their own purposes in mind.

The combination of this approach with machine learning yields code that cuts right through the “5,000 friends” problem like it isn’t even there.” author: Anonymous

Can you imagine yourself browsing the Internet without being logged into Facebook or Google at the same time?

Feel free to share any non US based alternatives to those technology moguls.

The Best non-US Based Email Providers you can Trust your Privacy on
Free Webmail and Email by
GMX in Germany
La Poste in France
Lycos Mail in South Korea (slow page load) in Germany in Russia in India
Yandex in Russia


Our civilization is advancing, Microsoft Windows window logo is becoming every time plainer and Google logo too. People cannot hand write properly anymore and serif font does not look right too.


Sky is messing around. Their router is at least once a day losing the connection, then it asks you to run some troubleshooting in the web-browser then as a mandatory step redirects you to their website.
I think they do this on purpose to force their customers to view it. Strange thing is that for some time you can browse their website, read articles while the rest of the Internet is still unavailable.
Not good Sky, not good.

Do not use

For .net domain renewal they charge about £16 a year where the competition charges 50% less on average.
But the most ridiculous thing is that if you want to transfer your domain elsewhere they invoice you for about £20 to get AuthInfo (competition do not charge at all or charge 70% less). Very poor practices that apparently make them rich. This supposed to be tailor for poor polish market. Message Labs problems this morning

In the interim a brief breakdown of the issue is at 08:45 UK time this morning (21/08/14) our engineers identified mail queues building across our global mail infrastructure.

We then put up an alert on ClientNet at approximately 09:00am and added the phone message shortly afterwards.

Our engineers worked on this as their highest priority and at approximately 10:00am mail service was restored so the mail queues that had built were beginning to drain (be delivered). Whilst our engineers were restoring towers some mails would have started to be delivered prior to 10:00am.

This issue would have affected all clients that send mail via Symantec infrastructure.

Service has now been restored and all mail queues have now been delivered

Firefox is cool

I like Firefox. What I have noticed recently is that the browser is quite smart in terms of saving files from the web. Maybe it is not the web browser but the system itself or both.
If I visit the same websites even after a while it still remembers the old path so I don’t have to browse from the root directory anymore.
In rare occasions I have to change the directory. This is very useful as it saves me dozens of click every day.