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Moving away from Blackberry

Unfortunately my BB has died and before it happened I have managed to export my contacts.
There is no easy way though and there is no free app that will help you with that.
The easiest option is to pair with Android phone and on do export of contacts on your old Blackberry. This way BB will nicely export your whole phone book as .cvs file.
On your Android you will find it on your SD card under /downloads/bluetooth

BIS, BES and Active Sync

BIS will only sync emails, but will not contacts, calendars and tasks from a mailbox on the Exchange server.

BES is a corporate Blackberry server solution that will sync everything from Exchange mailbox on a Blackberry.

Active Sync is alternative to BES and is build to the Exchange server so it does not require additional server.
Unfortunately it is not supported by Blackberries before Blackberry 10.

Blackberry delivery confirmation

If you have some problems with message delivery to BB devices please use these steps.
It is very handy even if BBs are disappearing these days.

These steps can help test along the process to verify if the Blackberry is receiving messages.

1. Send an email to the user with in the subject line.
For example: “ test message”
2. If received on the device, you will get an email with subject “Blackberry Delivery Confirmation”
Your message:

SENT: 4/23/2011 11:35:40 AM

has been delivered to the recipient's BlackBerry Handheld.

Alternatively you can run bbsrptest.exe from CMD.
This application is in Research In Motion folder.