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MacOSX: Office for Mac 2011 glitches

Read Only and the Disk wasn’t correcting it.
Staring with ~/Library/Preferences/Microsoft and its subfolders, make sure they are all Read/Write for your profile.
Also check ~/Library/Application Support/Microsoft.
If the problem is not related to Read/Write permissions then my guess is that the problem is in your preference files or an office cache file. I would start with the preference files. To do this ALL office applications must be shutdown completely, not closed.
Open ~/Library/Preferences (paste that path and include the ~ symbol into Finder > Go > Go to folder) and make sure the list of files and folders are in alphabetical order. Locate all files that start with “” and drag them to the trash. Then in the same Preference folder locate the Microsoft subfolder. In this folder you will see a few more “” file, drag them to the trash.
Final step is to go to ~/Library/Application Support/Microsoft/Office/User Templates and locate your Normal.dotm file. Rename this file to oldNormal.dotm. The reason you rename it versus trashing it is to save former AutoText, Styles, Macros, etc that you might want to bring over to the new template that gets generated.
This should clear any glitches that Office for Mac 2011 can experience.

MacOSX reset VNC and LMI

sudo /System/Library/CoreServices/RemoteManagement/ -restart –agent
sudo ps auxwww | grep loginwindow | grep -v grep | awk ‘{print $2}’ | xargs sudo kill -9

Shellshock bash bug

Test your vulnerability by executing this in your terminal
env x='() { :;}; echo vulnerable' bash -c 'echo hello'
and this
env X='() { (a)=>\' bash -c "echo echo vuln"; [[ "$(cat echo)" == "vuln" ]] && echo "still vulnerable :("
If you can see word “vulnerable” it means your system is vulnerable to this bug and you should update your system asap.

Long time ago I was encouraged by my friends to use ZSH instead. This shell is not affected by this bug, but still you will have a lot of scripts in your system that by default call for bash, so you should still update your system.

Directly plenty of webservers and DHCP servers were affected. Whatever was exposed to the Internet is potentially compromised, so please check your firewall logs and system logs.

Hah. When I turned on my Raspbmc I have noticed a notification “Patching bash vulnerability”. Auto update is enabled on it. :)

iPhone 5s update

why so slow?
it shows 4h slowly downloading about 1.5GB heavy update.
I have attempted to do the factory reset of the phone, but it won’t allow me to do it without the update so I have to wait 4h.

Entourage to Office for Mac mail migration

First of all this a big mystery.
Secondly you have to copy over Main Identity directory from
hard_disk_name/Users/user_name/Documents/Microsoft User Data/Office X Identities/Main Identity
to the same folder on another Mac then fire up Entourage to confirm that the profile is visible and you can see old emails.
Then you can try rename existing identity directory in Office 2011 directory and copy over the identity from Office 2008. Verify that this works.
Alternative way is to copy subfolders one by one from Entourage to the desktop (it creates MBOX file) then drag it and drop it to Office 2011 for Mac. Direct copy is not supported.

Alternatives to TrueCrypt?

When it comes to security Linux again proves to be much better than proprietary alternatives especially in the time when trust to TrueCrypt has been compromised after recent development suspension.

First of all to work with TrueCrypt volumes you can use

zulucrypt as frontend GUI for tc-play and cyptsetup

Alternatively you can move to LUKS encrypted drives that perform better than eCryptfs.
FreeOTFE frontend is available for Windows systems so we can make use of that software on proprietary platform.

However I think TC is fine for now and even if the development has been suspended community is still able to publish information about any new bugs found only then there is a tangible reason to abandon TC.

Windows = Not Responding

Eats a hell more RAM and is still slower and hanging even on basic tasks.
Every task takes much longer.
MacOSX isn’t better as this system is even bigger user cage than Microsoft Windows.
The only advantage is that Apple system is perfectly blended with the hardware.


My opinion about MacOSX is the following: MacOSX is a bad Windows implementation on Unix.
Whenever I have to work on this system I have to fix really strange problems that does not exist even on Windows.
Setting up many printers is a nightmare on this system. Setting this up on GNU/Linux is easier.