I am an extraordinary introvert.
For a number of years I lived in my home country then I moved to UK’s capital.
I have visited most of the interesting places on this beautiful island (named Albion) and I have to say that it is not so rainy place as many think.

I am helpful to people in regards to their IT problems, however I keep abusers at bay.
I am sensitive to people’s computer suffering and usually ease their pains.
I use to give them brief tutorials about computer security hoping they will become less vulnerable in this vicious World of Internets. I hope they appreciate it!

I work with GNU+Linux systems all the time and I like them. I have switched to GNU+Linux years ago.
I also work with Microsoft Windows systems quite a lot, less with Mac OS X and I have to say that the experience is acceptable.
Whenever I work with Microsoft Windows systems I do my best to make them more like GNU+Linux – I mean faster and more secure.

Regarding my profession I am interested in server deployment, administration & monitoring, IT projects planning & implementation, BCA, networking & computer security, cloud solutions, distributed computing, decentralized systems, but also computer ergonomics (HF&E) that allow to blend humans and electronics together.
In the age of tablets I am not a fan of them, I stick to laptops and netbooks.
I am opening to smart phones and its systems, but consider them unsecure.
I make amazing use of the current technology, but still it takes just 30% of my “processor time”. Perhaps I should increase it.

twitter: mikekardell

If you want to get in touch with me this is my PGP key.
Send me your public key to myname(at)verus.org.uk

Key ID: DAF66E143C337F0D
Fingerprint: 6A9B 227B 6D65 660C 7C81 F947 DAF6 6E14 3C33 7F0D
Expires: 2018-01-01

whatever you do or fix please test it afterwards, better however do not fix things that work, wait until they break otherwise feel the wrath of dummy users.