Print first page only

1. In Outlook Select File – Options – Customise Ribbon
2. Tick the Developer

3. Open an Email
4. Click on Developer – Macros
5. Type in “PrintOnePage” as the Macro Name
6. Select Create

7. Close and return to Outlook
8. The VB project screen is now displayed

9. Paste the following lines as your Macro

Sub PrintOnePage()
SendKeys "%FPR"
SendKeys "%S"
SendKeys "1"
SendKeys "{ENTER}"
End Sub

10. Whilst still in the Open Email
Select the down arrow to customise the Quick Access Tool bar (assuming here you have the QAT loaded !)
Select More Commands….

11. In the Choose Commands from: Box select “Macros” then Add your Macro to the QAT
Click Modify and Shorten the Display name and choose a pretty Icon