Shortcuts on the terminal

For shortcuts on the desktop do not bother with crap group policies to deploy shortcuts.
Just create them and copy to C:\Users\Public\Desktop and if you have icons of choice copy them over lets say to C:\Users\Public\Pictures

To pin useful shortcuts to Outlook or Word use THIS guide.

Word templates location

The best location for e.g. autotext templates is C:\Users\user\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Word\StartUp
especially if you have a group policy that overrides templates and the one you have added just for yourself will get unticked again by GPO, very annoying.

ARP address mismatch

The normal ARP request/response is like below.
A ask who is B.
B replies B is xx-xx-xx-xx-xx-xx.
However, in some cases the behavior will like this.
A ask who is B.
C replies B is xx-xx-xx-xx-xx-xx.
When Vigor detects this behavior, Vigor will send the ARP mismatch messages.
This abnormal ARP was blocked by Vigor with former firmwares.
However, some networks will have this ARP so Draytek allows this in most of new firmwares.

Neopost franking machine and Draytek router

The issue was with the franking machine not able to connect to their central server.
I have tried multiple things with no avail.
Then my intuition told me to check VPN settings and voila!
SSL VPN was enabled which in case of Drayteks sticks to port 443 which is exclusively used by franking machine service.
This VPN SSL port has to be changed to something else away from 443 then franking machine should work again.
Good luck

Noise cancellation

Applications can be “1-dimensional” or 3-dimensional, depending on the type of zone to protect. Periodic sounds, even complex ones, are easier to cancel than random sounds due to the repetition in the wave form.

Protection of a “1-dimension zone” is easier and requires only one or two microphones and speakers to be effective. Several commercial applications have been successful: noise-cancelling headphones, active mufflers, and the control of noise in air conditioning ducts. The term “1-dimension” refers to a simple pistonic relationship between the noise and the active speaker (mechanical noise reduction) or between the active speaker and the listener (headphones). Continue reading Noise cancellation

Windows registry corruption

In this case I was having problems fixing a DVD drive on a laptop. The main issue was with a corrupt registry. The idea was to delete a corrupt key and allow the system to recreate it, but the following issue was inability to delete the registry key even as administrator.
The solution is to use PSEXEC tool available from Microsoft HERE
Run this from CMD as administrator:
psexec -i -d -s c:\windows\regedit.exe
The you should be able to delete the registry. Make sure to backup the registry key beforehand.
Once deleted the device should disappear. Restart the laptop and scan for devices. Recover the key from a backup and DVD should come back to life.