Initial pings taking too long?

Either its the DNS lookup taking that extra seconds or the ARP request taking too long.
Either way its because everything after the first request is cached, so in my case it was the DNS that caused the initial pings to get lost in space.

SFP ports

Probably you have noticed some SFP ports on your switches and wonder how to utilize them.
Few points about the SFP port:
1.RJ-47 port connects at 1Gbps and the SFP port connects at 1Gbps – they are the same, there is no advantage to using one over the other. To make use of SFP you need adapters that will cost you more.
2. SFP is most commonly used when two switches are over the 100m distance limitation of Ethernet then you connect using fiber via the SFP port.
3. If you have a switch that do not have Gbit ports, but do offer an SFP port, you can go SFP from one switch into another switch that is already 1Gbit on every port – both ends do not have to be the same.
4. If you really need more than 1Gbps between switches you can consider “stackable” switches vs. using LAG ports vs. switches with 10Gb ports.