WSUS and Windows SBS 2008 SP2

This is for Vista like one not the 2008 R2.

This is the main MS guide how to fix it, reinstall from scratch as you cannot uninstall it just like that in SBS. On other versions of Windows Server you can.
As you can see an original CD with Windows SBS 2008 is required.

But what I have done this time was System Update Readiness tool then I have rerun the installation of WSUS30-KB972455-x64. Make sure you change the letter from C: to a bigger partition as you can run out of disk space fairly quickly on the system partition.

Log spamming

systemd: Starting Session xxx of user yyy.
systemd: Started Session xxx of user yyy.

The only workable solution to this is to comment out this line in your rsyslog.conf
# $ModLoad imjournal # provides access to the systemd journal

Juniper: warning: dhcp-service subsystem not running

I have done custom binding in DHCP
set system services dhcp static-binding 01:0x:0x:0x:0x:0x fixed-address
and wanted to clear a previous one.
root@juniper> clear dhcp server binding
warning: dhcp-service subsystem not running - not needed by configuration.


There are actually two completely different DHCP daemons in Junos now – dhcpd and jdhcpd.
When you configure statements under system / services / dhcp you are using dhcpd and will need to use:
show system services dhcp server binding
restart dhcp

When you configure statements under system / services / dhcp-local-server you are affecting jdhcpd and need to use:
show dhcp server binding
restart dhcp-service

So in this case I need to run this command:
clear system services dhcp binding


To better understand it please imagine:
Permissive Mode as a Intrusion Detection System (IDS) where
Enforcing Mode could be considered a Intrusion Prevention System (IPS).

Find out if your device is dual band

Dual band means that it supports 2.4GHz and 5GHz.
Not many devices support it, neither home wireless access points.
To check it on you Linux system use this command:
iwlist wlo1 freq
In my case wl01 is my wireless adapter.
If you can see just 2.4GHz channels in the output that means it has no 5GHz capabilities.
Usually Apple products have support for 5GHz like laptops and time capsules.
Technically most of the Android tablets have hardware support for 5GHz, but unfortunately Android does not support it.