Probably you have notices a lot of connections to multiple hosts in this domain 1e100.net
This is the explanation:

1e100.net is a Google-owned domain name used to identify the servers in our network.

Following standard industry practice, we make sure each IP address has a corresponding hostname. In October 2009, we started using a single domain name to identify our servers across all Google products, rather than use different product domains such as youtube.com, blogger.com, and google.com. We did this for two reasons: first, to keep things simpler, and second, to proactively improve security by protecting against potential threats such as cross-site scripting attacks.

Most typical Internet users will never see 1e100.net, but we picked a Googley name for it just in case (1e100 is scientific notation for 1 googol).

It is Google Safebrowsing feature.
This feature is checking sites and tell you if that site is “Attack Site”

Windows Server and IPv6

One of the server has experienced really weird behaviour.
It could not load up essential services (e.g. Exchange services), because for some reason IPv6 was prioritized over IPv4.
IPv6 was disabled on the only network adapter, but loopback interface was going through IPv6.
Do not play with registries yourself, but go for THIS MS fix.
This one will set to prefer IPv4 over IPv6.

Empty /var/log/secure

If you have encountered this problem, please
rm /var/lib/rsyslog/imjournal.state
service rsyslog restart

and see if it helps.
You should notice extensive work done by the rsyslogd daemon, but it will settle down.
Use gnome-system-log to quickly asses the system logs.
For any reports that goes to your mailbox please use mutt.

Sage Payroll not installing but wants to update instead

I have come across this odd issue with Sage when it erroneously asks you to specify the old installation for upgrade instead of doing a fresh install.
This can happen when you install old version of Sage Payroll e.g. 2010 and uninstall it.
For some reason the uninstall process is not clearing everything leaving some bits that confuse the new installer.
Please try deleting this (make sure you make hidden folders visible)
C:\program data\sage\payroll
C:\windows and delete payroll.ini file from it.
C:\users\current username\local\virtual store\windows

and what is also very important delete Sage folder from Program Files\Common Files