Exchange: Run out of disk space on the database partition

If you have run out of disk space on the disk partition where the Exchange database is stored, the database has dismounted and there is nothing to delete or even move and you need to buy some time please stop the Exchange service responsible for indexing and search facility.
net stop MsExchangeSearch
and you are completely safe to SHIFT delete the catalogdata-xxxxxxxxx which should release couple of gigabytes (BE CAREFUL and do not SHIFT delete the database itself which is stored next to this folder).
In this scenario there is no problems with the Exchange log files. Log files are stored on a separate partition that has sufficient amount of disk space.

Then you can mount the database restoring email services and start doing emergency cleanups or archival of user emails to increase the white space in the mail database.
After defragmentation you can start the indexing service back again. If this is a virtual machine (e.g. on VMware ESXi) you should check if it’s possible to increase the partition size.
You should be able to increase the partition size on the live system so no downtime is needed.

This solution should work on the Exchange 2007 and 2010 running on Windows Server 2003 and 2008 respectively.

Moving away from Blackberry

Unfortunately my BB has died and before it happened I have managed to export my contacts.
There is no easy way though and there is no free app that will help you with that.
The easiest option is to pair with Android phone and on do export of contacts on your old Blackberry. This way BB will nicely export your whole phone book as .cvs file.
On your Android you will find it on your SD card under /downloads/bluetooth


Reasons to be mournful
1) bitcoin is verrry slow(transfers to an exchange can take 1 hr)
2) bitcoin is not anonymous(some betting sites are not allowed to accept punters from none gambling states for example)
3) the blockchain is inefficient and bloated, for a 3rd world connection and old computer its almost a no go for the update.
4) being ASIC pillaged, is no longer mineable by normal humans
5) can only do about 8 transactions per second on the entire blockchain, so can not do entire global transactions, there are too many if that point was ever reached and it is random as well, sometimes a new block can take 20 minutes.
6) virtually no real software development on sorting out any of the above(apart from anon wallet but thats flawed because it’s centralized and has trusted key holders)

Reasons to be Cheerful,
1) darkcoin is anonymous and uses a decentralized trustless key system
2) darkcoin is mineable and extremely ASIC resistant
3) darkcoin has 1650 masternodes set up around the world that get paid a % of mining commission for hosting a decentralized network
4) darkcoin is using the unique masternode system, soon there will be an instant transaction service making cryptocoin validation time of probably less than 10 seconds. No other coin can do this.And it is not a random time for validation in the block creation sense either(InstantX)
5) max transactions ceiling is already higher due to shorter blocktimes and masternodes may game change this in the future by orders of magnitude if it is not enough.

by Dippy

My future laptop

will be Probook 430 G2 with Intel i7. I was using Probook 5320m for quite some time and I have to say that it performed very well on Linux (on Windows it was a terrible experience) – I could not upgrade RAM on it, but just run everything on one 4GB stick. Whatever is inside I like the finish the most – it is very stylish, better than Apple products :-P