Exchange: Send and receive message size limits

Check out two locations:
Server Configuration -> Hub Transport -> select a HT server -> Receive Connectors -> select a connector -> Properties -> General tab -> Maximum Message Size (KB)

Organization Configuration -> Hub Transport -> Global Settings tab -> Transport Settings -> Click on Properties -> set Maximum Receive Size and Maximum Send Size

If you have service in place (Message Labs) the default message size for send/receive is 50MB so it should not be a problem.


Speeding up Raspbmc video.

Setting the default time
The Raspberry Pi automatically sets the date and time from the internet. However the timezone may be incorrect and the time may not take account of Daylight Savings Time (or British Summer Time). This can easily be fixed by selecting System settings / Appearance / International and changing the Timezone country from the default “Aaland Islands” to your local timezone.

If you look for UK please browse to Britain (UK). There is no England, Great Britain or United Kingdom.


Instructions 1
Instructions 2
Instructions 3 Message Labs problems this morning

In the interim a brief breakdown of the issue is at 08:45 UK time this morning (21/08/14) our engineers identified mail queues building across our global mail infrastructure.

We then put up an alert on ClientNet at approximately 09:00am and added the phone message shortly afterwards.

Our engineers worked on this as their highest priority and at approximately 10:00am mail service was restored so the mail queues that had built were beginning to drain (be delivered). Whilst our engineers were restoring towers some mails would have started to be delivered prior to 10:00am.

This issue would have affected all clients that send mail via Symantec infrastructure.

Service has now been restored and all mail queues have now been delivered

BIS, BES and Active Sync

BIS will only sync emails, but will not contacts, calendars and tasks from a mailbox on the Exchange server.

BES is a corporate Blackberry server solution that will sync everything from Exchange mailbox on a Blackberry.

Active Sync is alternative to BES and is build to the Exchange server so it does not require additional server.
Unfortunately it is not supported by Blackberries before Blackberry 10.

Create domain user profile over VPN? Windows 7

It is easily possible if you have point to point VPN setup between networks.
If you use client VPNs you need to make sure that VPN connection is live before log in.
To do this for instance on obsolete PPTP you log in as local user to establish a VPN connection.
Instead of logging off from that user you just SWITCH USER and then try to log in as domain user to create brand new user profile on a desktop PC or laptop.

Lenovo touchpad

Lenovo laptops like ThinkPad Edge E540 has a terrible touchpad.
It is completely on the left side I do not know for what reason and when you press left/right mouse buttons the whole touchpad is pressed making some noise.
Everyone in the vicinity knows when you press a touchpad.
After a while you will realize that pressing this thing is more laborious task than compared to other laptops.

Exchange Event 9646 & Outlook not syncing

The initial problem was with the Outlook 2007 and Outlook 2010 on another PC not syncing with a brand new mailbox. It was working for a while then it stopped again and the user had to press Send/Receive every time to update the Inbox. Quite annoying.
But in the meantime I have noticed this 9646 event on the server.

To resolve this problem:
1. Open Registry Editor on the Exchange server and navigate to:
2. Right click ParametersSystem and create New -> Key
3. Enter MaxObjsPerMapiSession and confirm creation of the new sub-key
4. Right click newly created key, create new DWORD value called objtFolder and give it a decimal value bigger than default 500. I would suggest between 600-800.
5. Create another DWORD value called objtFolderView and give it the same value.
You don’t have to restart any services the Information Store service will pick it up automatically within 5 minutes.

Advantages of outsourced IT

1. usually outsources IT companies have much better expertise (supporting multiple businesses gives much more experience) comparing to internal IT teams
2. IT engineers are usually neutral to the rest of the company staff, so there is no way that IT is directly involved in any dispute

Top dogs

Company directors are paranoid about verbal, written information confidentiality, trust and employee’s obedience.
On the other hand they are not fully aware of the data security, user access and levels of security. And because more often IT is not their subject they keep wondering about these things that is why IT people have to explain it well to them and take appropriate measures.

Backup Raspberry Pi Raspbmc

Standalone image installation of Raspbmc (I was having problems with a network installation, it takes long and it is a bit flaky)
sudo umount /dev/devicenode
sudo dd if=/path/to/downloaded.img of=/dev/devicenode bs=1M

Backup using dd
dd if=/dev/sdx of=/path/to/image bs=1M

Backup Exec 2014 error

Error: The operation failed to acquire the minimum number of drives and media..

My solution was to change:
When this job begins: Append to media, terminate job is no appendable media is available
When this job begins: Append to media, overwrite job if no appendable media is available