Firefox is cool

I like Firefox. What I have noticed recently is that the browser is quite smart in terms of saving files from the web. Maybe it is not the web browser but the system itself or both.
If I visit the same websites even after a while it still remembers the old path so I don’t have to browse from the root directory anymore.
In rare occasions I have to change the directory. This is very useful as it saves me dozens of click every day.

Microsoft domain: time sync

w32tm /config /manualpeerlist: /syncfromflags:MANUAL
w32tm /config /update

Please feel free to use fully qualified domain names instead of the IP addresses:

To update a particular machine on the domain please follow this LINK

For Server 2003 it will probably won’t work as these are incompatible for it.
Please follow this.

GNU Linux autostart

No problem!

If you don’t change LXDE session manager, your session is handle by lxsession by default. lxsession will automatically search for and run applications it finds in ~/.config/autostart. Hence, to add an application to lxsession autostart list, you need to create a .desktop file in ~/.config/autostart with the following contents as minimum:

[Desktop Entry]
Name=My Application

Very useful!

Preserve Outlook settings?

It looks like there is no way to preserve Outlook settings if you have to recreate an Outlook profile.
It looks like you will lose all the customization you have done on the old one.
There is however one commercial application that can transfer settings of Outlook and cost about $40.

Hanging iLO?

It happens that sometimes iLO will hang and has to be reset to work properly.
You don’t want to restart the whole server so you use SSH to reset iLO
ssh -l Administrator x.x.x.x
cd /map1