Hashing, cryptocurrency and quantum computers

Basically, ECDSA is compromised, hashing isn’t. With a quantum computer, you could easily deduce the private key corresponding to a public key. If you only have an address, which is a hashed public key, the private key is safe. Anyway, to spend a transaction, you need to send the public key. At that point you are vulnerable, but the attack is not straightforward. Continue reading Hashing, cryptocurrency and quantum computers

Fedora bugs yeah!

Fedora developers have just came back from their holiday:

Justin M. Forbes 2014-02-24 08:54:07 EST

*********** MASS BUG UPDATE **************

We apologize for the inconvenience. There is a large number of bugs to go through and several of them have gone stale. Due to this, we are doing a mass bug update across all of the Fedora 20 kernel bugs.

Fedora 20 has now been rebased to 3.13.4-200.fc20. Please test this kernel update and let us know if you issue has been resolved or if it is still present with the newer kernel.

If you experience different issues, please open a new bug report for those.

Is Wireless radio OFF?

Yes. First before you attempt to harm the configuration of your operating system try to look around your laptop for a little wireless switch.
Some laptops have this kind of switch + function keys, however if the switch is OFF you won’t be able to turn the wireless ON using the function keys.
If you are not sure if this is the soft or hard block use rfkill software.
rfkill list
rfkill is able to unblock only soft blocks.

Windows Server: what to backup before DDay

1. company data – files
2. SQL and other databases
3. System State – for AD recovery
wbadmin start systemstatebackup
wbadmin start systemstaterecovery

4. group policies
5. DHCP configuration backup
6. ideally do an uncompressed image of system partition using Acronis or Clonezilla.

Windows Server 2008: Error 0xc0000225

This can happen to Windows Vista, Windows 7, 8 and other Windows Server versions too.
To fix Windows Server 2008 booting problem use Windows Vista Recovery CD if you have one.
Once booted up to the operating system please use Repair my computer option from the initial wizard.

WSUS version

1. Find the registry key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Update Services\Server\Setup.
2. Check the InstallType values (32/64/128 if WSUS 2.0, 1/2 if WSUS 3.0).
3. Check for VersionString values.
The version we have is 3.2.7600.226

Windows = Not Responding

Eats a hell more RAM and is still slower and hanging even on basic tasks.
Every task takes much longer.
MacOSX isn’t better as this system is even bigger user cage than Microsoft Windows.
The only advantage is that Apple system is perfectly blended with the hardware.