Android: change hostmane

If you want to change the default hostname “android-xxxxxxxxx” please enable Developer Options by tapping 7x over Build number (Settings -> About phone)
Now you should see additional option, so find “Device hostname” setting and change it.

The Cloud

The cloud is a must. In reality it is the only way the proprietary software vendors can survive the competition from the Open Source movement.
Most of the proprietary systems out there which are not in the cloud (maintained by the software vendor directly) are out of date, unreliable, insecure and left alone in this very rapid IT world.
That is why for instance there is a bigger pressure to move clients from on-premises infrastructure to cloud based. So for instance there is less talk about Exchange 2013 and more about Office365.
I don’t mind, because on site servers especially these with MS software installed consume much more resources and increase electricity bills. For a file, mail, directory, DNS, DHCP altogether small business server we do not need a large tower server hovering 247 just for a 4 people (even for 12).
Besides we register a large number of small proprietary software vendors that struggle to deliver an up to date software ends up (if lucky) moving everything to their cloud.


For last couple of years we hear a lot about cloud. For GNU/Linux it was natural transition, but for proprietary software vendors it is a life belt. They basically cannot keep up with the software development pace set by Open Source community that fuels today’s Internet technologies.
You can see it clearly at Microsoft where they abandon their regular services and start promoting cloud solutions for everything and replacing one time payments with monthly subscription. This is what becomes their flag product.