Exchange 2013: Core solutions exam

First of all – waste of time.
The test made by large enterprise mates for large enterprise affiliates.
More than 2/3 of the test (not only case studies) about Incs that have at least 3 offices around the world, have 2 Exchange servers, but have funds to deploy another 3 (it must be some government funded company because apparently they have too much money)? Forget about SMEs.
Most of the questions about DAGs which is waste of time. Who can afford to roll out this expensive piece of crap which is still secretly monitored by MS and NSA?
To gain efficiency in this (e.g. clustering in PowerShell) you need a powerful test server to install at least 2-3 virtual machines consuming at least 16Gb of RAM each.
Learning about a product that is incomplete and some of its features are still under development.
M$ go the fuck!

Wireless profile management

Windows systems are not smart enough to update any changes in the security on the same SSID. It will simply not reconnect anymore displaying red cross on the connection.
You have to manually delete the wireless profile and reconnect to create a new one.
On Mac OS it will disconnect. Once the user click to connect to the same SSID it will prompt for encryption password.
On the other hand on my Linux system it is the smartest and I have to do absolutely nothing to connect.

Sonicwall: connection timeout

System -> Diagnostics -> Diagnostic Tools -> Connections Monitor
just type the Destination IP and press Apply Filters
watch the Expiry column, keep Refreshing (button above)

or for more granular output use Packet Monitor

Changing timeout:
Firewall -> Access Rules -> LAN to WAN -> Configure -> Advanced tab -> change from 15min to 30min

VirtualBox 4.2.18 and EXT4

It looks like that after the latest VB update to 4.2.18 I am not able to install Windows Server 2012. The installation is stuck on “Getting files ready for installation”. Depending how big is the virtual disk it gets stuck on 47% or 57%.
The only solution was to place the virtual disk file on a partition with EXT3.
The other VMs I have are on EXT4 partition are in working order however the new ones fail to install.