IPv4 before IPv6

IPv6 stack which is enabled by default for quite some time is causing problems with the networks that have no IPv6.
You can experience timeouts and you basically wait much longer to do certain things e.g. updating something.

To rectify this please uncomment this bit in /etc/gai.conf:
#precedence ::ffff:0:0/96 100

Based on this article

Microsoft Server 2008 – PPTP setup – no longer secure

Here you go
Please note that PPTP is no longer considered secure. As of Oct 2012 is considered cryptographically broken and its use is no longer recommended by Microsoft.
MSCHAPv1 is fundamentally broken.
MSCHAPv2 is subject to dictionary attack. There are cases were it was broken in 23h.
Please use at your own discretion and prepare to move to EAP-TLS, but this one require PKI infrastructure.

Don’t even use Outlook.com

Yes, unfortunately Live.com also called Outlook.com or Hotmail.com will not work properly with your Thunderbird.
Once an account is configured in TB, after some days their server will refuse to send emails asking you to log in to their web access to confirm that you are not a spam robot. After you log in still you have to type nasty long CAPTCHA to make them 100% sure.
As you can see Microsoft and Google free email service is becoming less user friendly.
Of course everything is with Your security in mind, but in reality it is not. They simply want to track you and also encourage users to their web access where expose to marketing.