I hate Google mail

Because they ask you to verify your account every time you login from different location. Thus I have to provide them my phone number to verify my Gmail account. Outrageous!
I cannot see the problem with Live or Yahoo.
Google is spying on me all the time. I don’t want this facility even if this is about my security.
I can take care of it.

Exchange spam handling

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Sonicwall configuration improvements


We strongly recommend you back your firewall and export your settings before making these changes.  As with any tweaking make sure you have a plan to undo or completely restore the firewall in the event it becomes unstable.

1.) WAN Fragmentation

Under Network > Interface > WAN > Advance Tab Enable “Fragment non-VPN outbound packets larger than this Interface’s MTU”  and disable “Ignore Don’t Fragment (DF) Bit”. Continue reading Sonicwall configuration improvements