Technicolor and OpenDNS

To setup new DNS server on Technicolor you have to get to the configuration via telnet.
dns server route list - listing
dns server route flush - remove existing
dns server route add dns= metric=10 intf=Internet

After firmware update to to list DNS servers:
dns server forward dnsset list

To change DNS setting back again to Plusnet’s ones:
dns server config state=disabled
dhcp server config state=disabled
dhcp server lease flush
dhcp server pool config name=LAN_private primdns= secdns=
dhcp server config state=enabled
dns client flush
dns client dnsadd addr=


I have noticed that Plusnet has changed few things since I was setup a month ago.
Initially I had about 50Mbit/s download speed. After 48h when you cannot resign without paying it went down to 35Mbit.
Initially my IP was from that range and suddenly I see it is
What does it mean in practice?