Very good AMD processor architecture even more tempting (performance & price) than Intel.
Two picks:
AMD FX 8350 – 8 cores, 4GHz each, ~160 British Pounds
AMD Opteron 6386 SE – 16 cores, 2.8GHz each, ~1400 US Dollars
Sooner or later FX8350 will become replacement for my current FX8120 which is less power efficient and saying shortly slower.

Juniper: Autorecovery information needs to be saved

Autorecovery — This feature is supported on dual-partitioned SRX100, SRX210, SRX220, SRX240, and SRX650 Services Gateways. With this feature, disk partitioning, configuration, and licenses information can be recovered in case of corruption.

request system autorecovery state save (then the amber light goes off)

This feature provides the following functions:
• Detect corruptions in disk partitioning during system bootup and attempt to recover partitions automatically
• Detect corruptions in the Junos OS configuration during system bootup and attempt to recover the configuration automatically
• Detect corruptions in Junos OS licenses during system bootup and attempt to recover licenses automatically
Table 8 on page 129 lists the supported CLI commands and its description: Table 8: Supported CLI Commands for

POP3 connector not populating mailbox list

If you have noticed that some users are missing from that list please follow this:
You need to attach a user role, to the user, after you attached the role the user will be visable in SBS console and also in the pop connector. It is a good thing to create users with the SBS console to prevent these kind of problems in the future.
SBS won’t see users via the SBS Console or the POP3 Connector until you modify an attribute on the user object in AD. In AD, go to View…Advanced Features. Then open up the user you want and go to the Attribute Editor tab. Find the property msSBSCreationState. Change the value to Created. Then your user will show up in the SBS Console and, if the account is mail enabled, the mailbox will show up in the drop-down list under the POP3 Connector as a valid Small Business Server email account.