Why ITIL in the company?

Because ITIL clearly says that employees are not just employees, but they are also service providers and customers in the same time.
To be only a service providers for external customers or clients is half of the story.
In our case we have to take care of the external ones, but internally it is still messy and people less care about each other. Basically there is no ITIL.
For instance our company terminal server is restarted without any notification. I have seen my boss killing my terminal session while I was writing an email to a client. Terminal server is restarted couple of times a week – just like that. When you are at a client it is a serious sin to do that without a prior consultation or at least notification.
Secondly one of the engineers who is getting the best performance score is still leaving many cases without comments, then I go on site and there is a surprise.

And little thing about information flow in the company.
IMHO email communication is insufficient and whenever the management announces important things they just send an email to everyone marked as Important. They of course mention about the same thing on our meeting, but it is still missed by many, because they are off that particular day or absent on out meeting.
There is no central place to go to and check these important things. Especially if these things ask you to go to a particular web page and do something.
Naturally all these ! – important emails are peppered with new emails.
Everything is about inability to stick something on top of Outlook.
The only workaround is to flag an email as TODO, but again what is happening in my Outlook the TODO panel disappears after every server restart and I have to bring it back.
When I forget to bring it back I forget TODO something.