Microsoft is shite

You deploy the newest version of their SBS server version (2011) which is already 3 years old then you have to download about 1.5GB of updates and restart the server 15 times to make it the most up to date.
In the meantime you have to update Exchange 2010 from the default version to the latest SP3 which is another 800MB of software to put in, 1h of time and another couple of restarts to settle things down.
How ridiculous and backward it is?
Normally the engineers don’t care too much about the updates and you can see many fresh deployments where the server is still asking for a lot of updates, but most importantly the Exchange is still on SP1 which is unsecure? This upgrade has to be done manually everytime.
The way the software is distributed has drastically improved in the recent years with the advent of Windows 7 and at least we get regular updates once a month, but the rest is shite.
They have noticed that their business cannot stand the competition and that is why same as other proprietary software vendors they encourage or even force their clients to switch to their cloud alternatives which is the same shite, but at least at their end.

By the way I was wrong about 1.5GB of updates. I have just refreshed Windows Updates and it shows another 93 – ~500MB of updates.